Curriculum Aims & Highlights


Curriculum Aims 


  1. To enhance students’ motivation in learning English by engaging them in meaningful and authentic learning atmosphere
  2. To foster a balanced development of students’ abilities and competencies in reading, writing, listening and speaking of English
  3. To expand students’ knowledge and experience of other subject areas and cultures through English as a medium of instruction and communication
  4. To develop students’ generic skills as well as positive values and attitudes to prepare them to become independent lifelong learners


Curriculum Highlights


  1. To develop students as independent learners, a school-based curriculum has been established to allow students to exercise autonomy through self-directed as well as inquiry-based learning opportunities. Multiple e-learning platforms have also been incorporated into our everyday learning activities not only to engage students’ motivation and participation, but also to promote cooperation and collaboration. 
  2. A school-based reading programme has been adopted to promote Reading across the Curriculum (RaC). English reading lessons are conducted weekly to assist our students in developing reading strategies through the teaching of non-textbook published materials. They are carefully selected and reviewed regularly to help our students bridge the gap between language learning and other subject areas as well as cultures.
  3. English Leadership Programmes, e.g. English Ambassadors, English Buddies and English Channel, are implemented to help our students foster responsibility and positive values. Through partaking in these student-directed services, our students develop a greater sense of belonging to the school community in which they grow and prosper.  
  4. A language-rich environment has been created to provide students with a conducive and comfortable atmosphere to learn English. Throughout the school year, our NETs work hand in hand with our LETs to organize an array of fun events, e.g. English Weeks, story-telling and games sessions, puppetry shows and various co-/extra-curricular activities, to ensure that there are ample opportunities for our students to use English in meaningful contexts.